Always fresh
Crispy, Sweet Snack Carrots
Suncrisp Story

SIA SunCrisp headquarters are in Rīga, Latvia. The company’s main objective is to commercialise high-quality ready-to-eat snack carrots. The product is targeted to health-conscious urban consumers in the Baltic States, Scandinavia and parts of Northern Europe.

Established in August 2008, SunCrisp is a subsidiary of Frupor S.A., which provides a vertically integrated secure supply chain of the entire production cycle from seeding, growing, harvesting and packaging to sales and distribution. All this ensures consistent product quality that accords and exceeds the highest standards of cultivation, farming, packaging, conditions of employment and environmental responsibility. The Company aims to supply its markets 12 months of the year.

Always Fresh
We harvest as needed all year round.
Natural Growing
Growing in the sun in the south of Portugal
Ready to Eat
BRC certified ready to eat and GLOBAL G.A.P. certified.
Why are our
carrots so orange

Why are they so much more orange than others?
Do we use chemicals / additives?

The real question should be why other carrots are not so bright orange.
Our carrots are not certified organic – they are GLOBAL G.A.P. certified and packed in a BRC certified packhouse to produce ready to eat snack carrots. This ensures our product is consumer safe and ready to eat.
Factors that could impact the brightness of the orange include:

Soil conditions. Our soil is ideal to produce bright vibrant orange carrots.

Amount of sunlight. Growing in Portugal year round, we have lots of sun.

We harvest as needed year round. We do not store our carrots for longer periods in the ground or in coolers.

We harvest, wash, polish and pack allowing as little time as possible between the stages to impact look and taste.

All we use is drinking water – to wash and polish our carrots. Nothing else is added.

The variety we use is an old variety with a thin skin, making them bright orange.

Polishing partially reduces the skin, making the orange even more vibrant.

The critical factor to keep the colour and maximize the taste, is packing the product as soon as possible.

Nothing is treated or added.
We believe, we just happen to produce the brightest orange and tastiest snack carrots.

Taste them for yourself.

Meet our team
Linda Kudrjavceva
Sales Project Manager
Started at SunCrisp: March 2014
Bachelor of Business Administration; Turiba University

+371 2 6555 427
Harolds Bulmanis
General Manager
Started at SunCrisp: October 2012
Bachelor of Commerce, University of Toronto

+371 2 9412 770
Rūta Anģēna
Administrative Assistant
Started at SunCrisp: May 2019
Bachelor of Sociology; University of Latvia

+371 2 6185 199